Foto copyright forbrugermania

When I was growing up it wasn't every year that got documented by a camera, and even those rare moments that did, could stay hidden for ages on unprocessed film.  Something I share with most  people who was born in the analog world,  which  have both shaped my understanding of the media and the concept of memories.

A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.

— Alexander Smith (poet)

We all have places we dream of, people we miss and memories that hunt us. Sometimes I think we are nothing but those fragments, until I realize the past is never a static place. The cover photo to this collection is far from brilliant and doesn't even picture what I felt and thought at the exact moment I pushed the button. Which happened in Aalborg Zoo  towards the end of long promotional visit as a  critic.

I was tired, felt out of place and cursed my self for once again mimicking a childhood hero of mine. This time Bent Jørgensen, who,  not only introduced me to all the exotic animals on our planet via the magic of television, but also took the time to talk with me when we finally meet in 1999.

When I eventually  saw that rooftop window in Aalborg Zoo's African section, my mind automatically drifted to Patheon in Rome, and my many trips to and in Italy, which instantly made me smile but also filled my heart with what portugese call saudade. Making that picture a great shot for me then and now!. It is in that context you should view this Collection of Pictures from Knudshoved and it's old lighthouse.

By Thor Kristjan Kidmose.