States "That was it". Copyright Forbrugermania

Any Idiot can take a picture. You just point your camera and press the button. The quality reflects your skills while the image always reflect the story - no matter what!

— Jacob Holdt

Some walk the streets to hunt away inner demons, to reach out or just to fight insomnia. I move my Ecco shoes around every street corner, into most backyards or onto any avenue, due to my never ending curiosity and my easy lifestyle that  gives me both the time and opportunity to do so. For the last many years I even started to document the weird, the strange, the off beat and everything else that gives cities life by camera. Thanks to the increasingly more advanced mobile cameras both the quality and quantity have went up. Why I now feel it is time to share my visions from around Europe. Sometimes I might attach links, words or insight. Sometimes the pictures speak by them self. Sometimes you would need to know me in order to get what, why and how.  This is the second time in 14 years I subdue my readers to an imperfect English. This time around it is still honest, it is still Thor Kristjan Kidmose who writes and it is still ad free cause I am a cynical socialist who apparently refuse to make money and do not know how to save the world.


From the ferry between Aarhus and Odden. Foto copyright  Forbrugermania

We all have heroes who form our perspective of the world we live in. We might even share these but draw different conclusions. As a child my understanding of larger cities were partly based upon books by the artist Will Eisner. Who taught me that we as individuals have our own storyline with and about any city. Thats why millions of people can coexists in a city but completely disagree whether it is rising, past its glory or a lost cause. The city reflects the people, location, time and will always change. Both in reality and over time in our understanding. 

As you might have notice in the gallery it very fast becomes a strange mixture of signs, weird details, restaurants and other touristic places. I think its funny a ticket machine display "Help" - especially since travel-cards are making these machines obsolete. Soon 3d glasses will be of the past too, so I have included a picture of them as well. The "anything but climate friendly" Ice Bar Copenhagen have closed and suddenly it gets nostalgic to look of pictures from there. Laundry places are hard to come by in Copenhagen(most of Denmark actually) and who the hell buys pasta suace in a second hand shop? So in order to avoid such a weird mixture of pictures I will try to organize the PointNShoot entries on this blog with galleries created around or upon a walk / trip / theme / location.

From the garden behind the Glyptotek (Copenhagen) 19/9-14

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