If you are a sweet-tooth and ready to challenge yourself with Mette Blomsterberg’s collection of sugary recipes, then “Blomsterbergs søde sager” should become your bible. Anything from cookies to cakes, mousse to soufflé, muffins to pies – you name it, and find 80 detailed instructions for: Berries, vanilla, liquorice, nuts, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! The book inspires from page one, as the great photos by Lars Ranek will get your mouth waters run, no doubt.
But hold your horses – though the recipes vary from easy to quite complex, if novice, one should be aware that look of your result of sweet creation would not necessarily resemble pictures from the book. Because here it is not only the taste that matters but steady hand and repetitive practice to achieve the visual allure as well. Unfortunately no preparation times are provided, so casting yourself over a classical and elegant raspberry cake may cost surprisingly dearly in time!

The same goes for sister product of the book, video collection “Det søde liv” where for sparing precious broadcasting time desserts are prepared as if everything is quick & easy. So for reality check read the recipes with great care – not only to understand time estimation it would require from YOU, but also for the sake of “correct” taste and look (as close as you are able to get).

Unlike in cooking of salty dishes where some improvisation and modification is allowed, these sweets will not tolerate deflections. The author also gives caution to follow methods (tempering chocolate, whipping cream) and use highest quality ingredients (using “impure chocolate” is absolute no-go), for maximum result.
By Kerttu Lohmus-Kidmose
clip_image002clip_image003clip_image003[1]clip_image003[2]clip_image005If you love sweet …and challenges
The book and video (which is available in DVD format, or at ) complement each other. Written directions (from the book) is a must, whereas the videos besides being inspiring are a great help when in doubt on how exactly
things are done.

By Kerttu Lohmus
Book: “Blomsterbergs søde sager”, hardback, Politikens Forlag, 2011. DVD: ”Det søde liv”, DR1, 2011. SF Film. Follow Forrbugermania by this  RSS feed, or at facebook. This site is optimized for reading on mobil phones, but should you have a Nokia phone please use this App.