The cool tune masters of nineties have returned with their new studio album ”Hot Sauce Committee Part II”. The making of their eighth album (originally planned to be released as Hot Sauce Committee Part I) was shelved back in 2009 when Adam “MCA” Yauch had to retreat from performing and recording due to health, but once back to where he left the American hip-hop trio decided to “skip” …Part I and simply release …Part II.

The album features 16 tracks for total of three quarters of genuine Beastie beats – some (“Make Some Noise”) tracing back to their legendary songs (such as “You Gotta Fight for your right to party”), some flirting with other genres (reggae, punk), but all providing the sheer to recognize this distinct Beastie Boys signature, leaving no doubt they stay true to their pop-culture niche where no others stand next. It is vintage, yet fresh in kick how minimalistic beat can be base to all the variety. And that variety grows thick on this album, building layers of effects and processing and sampling, giving the outcome heavier and more complex sound.
And those videos captured for some of the songs! Groovy, crazy, and funny, with (self) irony – take  “Make Some Noise” that features a sea of television and cinematic stars and where the trio confronts their future selves; or “Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win” sporting retro feel of the ’70-ies with elaborated puppet show full of Action, good Beastie style! clip_image001

By Kerttu Lohmus.

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