Welcome to a ride in Moby-land.  Seatbelts may remain unfastened, no turbulence expected. The "Destroyed" album as a whole is too neutral and mainstream to create any “lift me up-feeling” but also just about too good for chill-out bar/lounge background noise – which is in sync with the entire concept of the album that was a creation of lonely belonging nowhere traveler (Moby) in empty cities in anonymous nights. Without reading the accompanying CD folder at first, the sensation of loneliness carts you through the album, no doubt. Moby scores in conveying the feeling. Full stop.

Moby has always mastered a fair dash of melancholy, which has become his trade mark. And “Destroyed” is no exception. In its 15 tracks compound the music is occasionally minimalistic (“The broken places”), then mixing several genres (“Stella Maris”, “The right thing”), and at times throwing in slushy passages such as “The low hum” which reminds one of obligatory tracks from any mainstream club. So it has balance of lows, highs and mediums, making it not outstanding nor failed album.

clip_image001The tracks won’t haunt you – or perhaps the “The day” which has some spark and chorus easy to remember – so all-in-all after 15 tracks of spinning in moby-land you haven’t lost nor gained much. For some reason the album reminds me of Pina Colada cocktail – you always know what you get when ordering one – a semi-sweet creamy pineapple that wears out at the end – though depending on bartender occasional signature may surprise. But it will still be Pina Colada. And Moby is still Moby, landing you soft and safe.

By Kerttu Lohmus.

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