Tron: Legacy” movie soundtrack is obviously more of a soundtrack than Daft Punk album. But the French duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter is a perfect match for orchestra (in this case almost a full size, 85-piece) to create and deliver a futuristic fairy tale, to escort the visual of the story, indeed they are the half of ideal prescription to the “Tron: Legacy” as a product. Daft Punk is well known for their elaborate visual components and image and hence they complete the concept of the movie to utmost.
The music is beautiful mixture of orchestral and electronic sound bites in uninterrupted flow where both genres complement each other, almost as a poem where sentence is started with quill and finished off with felt-tip pen, and so delicately, the outcome is totally natural. This fluent dialogue is particularly explicit in “Armory” where the single strokes of electronic instruments complete the orchestral fundament.
The soundtrack album unfolds its best sides when listened in one go. Because when single tracks are ripped out of context a sense of interruption may occur due to the length of most tracks (few minutes each). The story is being told, reaching toward its apogee, and then cut. It could easily be the length of each number is dictated by the movie scenes but nevertheless they leaves one wondering what would have the sound story ended like if it was to continue? As examples, listen tracks “Arena” and “Rinzler”, where you are just about to sense the integrity, when they’re over. In house and other electronic dance music the audience is taken to lengthy, multi-layered journey with several culmination points, but perhaps it is narrow minded to even consider this as an option for this soundtrack – it is another type of product, with a different concept.

imageFor this particular listener, though, the expectation of hearing Daft Punk, never got really fulfilled, since in this matrimony the orchestral “partner” was always enabled to take the lead. And so tracks “End of Line” and “Derezzed” were pure salvation where Daft Punk delivered what it represents. As a whole the soundtrack has quite melancholic red thread (“Adagio for Tron”, “Nocturne”), mixing dream-like sound with “bigger than life” strokes we know from other sci-fi movies where the destiny of the heroes are about to be resolved.

By Kerttu Lohmus

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